All Men Become Sisters

All Men Become Sisters

Edited by Joanna Sokołowska

A record and theoretical expansion of an exhibition of feminist art.

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A record and theoretical expansion of an exhibition of feminist art.

This book is both a record and a theoretical expansion of the exhibition All Men Become Sisters. The exhibition was a manifestation of sisterhood in art from the 1970s until today. The creation of the exhibition was guided by art that resonated with feminist perspectives on work, production, and reproduction. “Sisterhood” is a key concept and an impulse to work with imagination; built on the foundations of second-wave criticism of the patriarchal exploitation of women, it poses questions about the future from the perspective of feminist economics and ethics of care.


$29.00 T ISBN: 9783956794148 216 pp. | 7.75 in x 9.75 in 109 color illus., 47 b&w illus.

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Joanna Sokołowska

Joanna Sokołowska is Curator at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.


  • How did the critique of gendered production and reproduction impact art? What do we know about the origins of the sexual division of labour? How does the future look from the perspective of feminist economics? Written by leading contemporary theorists, the essays in the volume weave together diverse perspectives—often in relation to social reproduction—on the trajectories of critical feminist thought and art making since the 1970s. Deploying “sisterhood” both as a prefigurative politics and a concept that has played a key role in reshaping art for half a century, All Men Become Sisters claims therefore a unique place in contemporary feminist art literature.

    Angela Dimitrakaki

    University of Edinburgh