Bicycle Transportation

By John Forester




A professional engineer and an avid avocational bicyclist, John Forester combined these interests in founding the discipline of cycling transportation engineering. This book presents the basic principles of the field, buttressing the author's arguments in an earlier, privately printed edition with new insights and updated information.

It begins by comparing “vehicular cycling” with what Forester calls the “cyclist inferiority complex.” Among the numerous topics discussed are the demographics and economics of cycling, accidents, the effects of bicyclists on traffic, effective educational programs, improving bicycling facilities, and dealing with government cycling policy. The book outlines the complete process of cycling transportation design and offers a recommended cycling transportation program.

Forester, who believes that riding a bicycle along streets with traffic is safer than pedaling on restricted bike paths and bike lanes, argues the case for cyclists' rights with zeal and with statistics based on experience, traffic studies, and roadway design standards.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262060851 394 pp. |