Bicycles and Tricycles

An Elementary Treatise on Their Design and Construction

By Archibald Sharp

Foreword by David Gordon Wilson




Foreword by David Gordon Wilson Published in 1896, Bicycles and Tricycles was the first serious, scientifically based study of the bicycle. It begins with a general exposition of mechanical principles: dynamic, static, and straining forces. It then covers successive experiments at bicycle and tricycle design, including several "mechanical monstrosities." With the aid of elegant, sometimes humorous drawings, the book examines various designs for their relative stability, steering advantages, gearing and resistance properties. The final selection discusses the design of individual components in detail, including the frame (from the point of view of stress analysis); wheels; bearings; chains and chain gearing; toothed-wheel gearing; the lever-and-crank gear; tires; pedals, cranks and bottom brackets; springs and saddles; and brakes.A definitive work in its own time, Bicycles and Tricycles is a collector's item for history-lovers as well as bicycle-enthusiasts—a treat for tinkerers and all those interested in the history of invention.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262191562 536 pp. |


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262690669 536 pp. |


David Gordon Wilson.