Design Thinking

Design Thinking

By Peter G. Rowe





In Design Thinking Peter Rowe provides a systematic account of the process of designing in architecture and urban planning. He examines multiple and often dissimilar theoretical positions whether they prescribe forms or simply provide procedures for solving problems—as particular manifestations of an underlying structure of inquiry common to all designing. Over 100 illustrations and a number of detailed observations of designers in action support Rowe's thesis.


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  • Design Thinking raises the intellectual level of the discourse on architecture in general, and architectural thinking in particular.

    Peter McCleary

    University of Pennsylvania

  • Peter Rowe's DesignThinking is a very useful compendium of ideas, examples, and literature about design inquiry in architecture. It is unusual to find in one source so many different perspectives, drawn from so many different fields of study.

    Donald A. Schon

    Ford Professor of Urban Studies and Education, MIT