Gadamer's Century

From Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought

Gadamer's Century

Essays in Honor of Hans-Georg Gadamer

Edited by Jeff Malpas, Ulrich Arnswald and Jens Kertscher





Philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer has made major contributions to aesthetic theory, Plato and Hegel studies, humanistic studies, and the philosophy of history. A student of Martin Heidegger, Gadamer took up and developed a number of central Heideggerian insights. He also had productive public debates with contemporaries such as Emilio Betti and Jürgen Habermas. The shape of contemporary hermeneutics is due almost entirely to Gadamer's influence, and his magnum opus, Truth and Method, is considered one of the great philosophical works of the twentieth century.This book is dedicated to Gadamer in honor of his hundredth birthday, in 2000. The essays provide a measure of the classical character of Gadamer's work by showing the breadth of engagement his ideas have provoked. As in Gadamer's own life and work, dialogue and conversation figure as important themes in all of the essays. While they encompass a diversity of philosophical perspectives, interests, and styles, the essays also suggest the ever-present possibility of dialogue across language and tradition and of the formation of new modes of discourse and philosophizing.


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Jeff Malpas

Jeff Malpas is Distinguished Professor at the University of Tasmania and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Latrobe University. He is the author of Heidegger's Topology: Being, Place, World and Heidegger and the Thinking of Place: Explorations in the Topology of Being, both published by the MIT Press.

Ulrich Arnswald

Ulrich Arnswald teaches at the International University of Germany and is the founding Director of the Institute for International Affairs in Heidelberg.

Jens Kertscher

Jens Kertscher teaches at the Technical University of Darmstadt.


  • Gadamer's Century illuminate[s] a wide range of disputes in various humanities, disciplines, and in philosophy itself.

    The Times Literary Supplement