In Honor of Philip M. Morse

In Honor of Philip M. Morse

Edited by Herman Feshbach and K. Uno Ingard




When Philip Morse was promoted to Professor Emeritus of Physics at M.I.T. in 1969, he already had behind him at least three full professional careers—in Quantum physics, in acoustics, and in what Julius Stratton calls "the reduction of theory to numerically useful results," a general field of which Morse was a founder and for which no good term yet exists, that includes operations research, machine computation, and systems analysis. This volume contains papers in all these fields, written by Professor Morse's students and colleagues. By their presence here, they gratefully testify to the influence that Philip Morse has had on their work and, in many cases, on their lives.


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Herman Feshbach

Herman Feshbach was Head of the Department of Physics at MIT.

K. Uno Ingard