Ken Hale

From Current Studies in Linguistics

Ken Hale

A Life in Language

Edited by Michael Kenstowicz




The essays in this collection celebrate Ken Hale's lifelong study of underdocumented languages and their implications for universal grammar. The authors report their latest research in syntax, morphology, semantics, phonology, and phonetics.

ContributorsElena Anagnostopoulou, Noam Chomsky, Michel DeGraff, Kai von Fintel, Morris Halle, James Harris, Sabine Iatridou, Roumyana Izvorski, Michael Kenstowicz, Samuel Jay Keyser, Shigeru Miyagawa, Wayne O'Neil, David Pesetsky, Hyang-Sook Sohn, Kenneth N. Stevens, Ester Torrego, Cheryl Zoll


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Michael Kenstowicz

Michael Kenstowicz is Professor of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.