Mathematics for Economics, Third Edition

Mathematics for Economics, Third Edition

By Michael Hoy, John Livernois, Chris McKenna, Ray Rees and Thanasis Stengos

A new edition of a comprehensive undergraduate mathematics text for economics students.





A new edition of a comprehensive undergraduate mathematics text for economics students.

This text offers a comprehensive presentation of the mathematics required to tackle problems in economic analyses. To give a better understanding of the mathematical concepts, the text follows the logic of the development of mathematics rather than that of an economics course. The only prerequisite is high school algebra, but the book goes on to cover all the mathematics needed for undergraduate economics. It is also a useful reference for graduate students.

After a review of the fundamentals of sets, numbers, and functions, the book covers limits and continuity, the calculus of functions of one variable, linear algebra, multivariate calculus, and dynamics. To develop the student's problem-solving skills, the book works through a large number of examples and economic applications. This streamlined third edition offers an array of new and updated examples. Additionally, lengthier proofs and examples are provided on the book's website. The book and the web material are cross-referenced in the text. A student solutions manual is available, and instructors can access online instructor's material that includes solutions and PowerPoint slides. Visit for complete details.

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  • Mathematics is the language of economics, and this book is an excellent introduction to that language.

    George J. Mailath

    Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

  • While there are many mathematics texts for economics available, this one is by far the best. It covers a comprehensive range of techniques with interesting applications, and the numerous worked examples and problems are a real bonus for the instructor. Teaching a course with this book is enjoyable and easy.

    Kevin Denny

    University College Dublin