Naturalizing Intention in Action

Naturalizing Intention in Action

Edited by Franck Grammont, Dorothée Legrand and Pierre Livet

An interdisciplinary integration of theoretical and empirical approaches to the question of intentional action.

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An interdisciplinary integration of theoretical and empirical approaches to the question of intentional action.

Intention was seen traditionally as a philosophical concept, before being debated more recently from psychological and social perspectives. Today the cognitive sciences approach intention empirically, at the level of its underlying mechanisms. This naturalization of intention makes it more concrete and graspable by empirical sciences. This volume offers an interdisciplinary integration of current research on intentional processes naturalized through action, drawing on the theoretical and empirical approaches of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. Each chapter integrates several disciplinary perspectives. Taken together, the chapters show that the reunification of the different dimensions of intentional processes may constitute an adequate basis for a general model of intentional processes and their links to action. This can be applied at various levels, from neuronal activity to self-constitution, from the expression of intentional actions at the individual level to their expression in social contexts, and to the recognition of intention in actions executed by others.

ContributorsColin Allen, Mireille Bonnard, Vittorio Gallese, Jozina B. de Graaf, Franck Grammont, Patrick Haggard, Marco Iacoboni, Dorothée Legrand, Pierre Livet, Albert Ogien, Jean Pailhous, Jean-Luc Petit, Jean-Michel Roy, Jessica A. Sommerville, Manos Tsakiris, Amanda L. Woodward


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Franck Grammont

Franck Grammont is Assistant Professor at the J. A. Dieudonné Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences, Nice, France.

Dorothée Legrand

Dorothée Legrand is a Researcher in Philosophy at the Center for Research in Applied Epistemology, Paris.

Pierre Livet

Pierre Livet is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Provence.


  • An excellent and accessible discussion…Each of the contributions is capable of standing on its own…There is something to be said about intention on behalf of the continually emerging, multidisciplinary embodied approach to cognition. It is in motivating this approach that the editors find their greatest success.

    Human Studies

  • An updated and ambitious map of the interdisciplinary research in the philosophy and science of intention…The great merit of the book – urging a truly interdisciplinary inquiry into the nature of intention.

    Philosophical Psychology