Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Instability - Unix version

Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Instability - Unix version

By William A. Brock, David A. Hsieh and Blake LeBaron





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  • The authors present a comprehensive review of the literature on the detection of chaos and nonlinear structures in time-series data. They also briefly review some of the important issues in the theoretical economics literature on chaos and complex dynamics. The presentation provides an excellent balance between comprehensive technical details, heuristic explanations, and more general unresolved questions. The material is explained with a mastery, clarity and depth that is possible only for those who work at the frontiers of the field. There is no other expository book on this subject that is addressed to economists and that presents the empirical techniques as well as the broader methodological and philosophical questions.

    Jess Benhabib

    Professor of Economics, New York University

  • For several years now the authors have been pursuing a difficult and unusual approach to the analysis of nonlinear structure in economic and financial time-series. The reader is brought up to date on this highly original line of research. As one would expect from this group of economists, the research is pursued with the utmost intellectual seriousness, and they are in a position to claim real progress. Any econometrician or statistician concerned with the issues of independence, and nonlinear dependence, will certainly be interested in their work.

    Professor Murray Frank

    Department of Finance, University of British Columbia