The Representation of (In)definiteness

From Current Studies in Linguistics

The Representation of (In)definiteness

Edited by Eric Reuland and Alice G.B. ter Meulen




The Representation of (In)definiteness collects the most important current research, reflecting a wide range of approaches, on a central theoretical issue in linguistics: characterizing the distinction between definite and indefinite expressions. The authors of these 11 original essays, which draw on current work in theoretical syntax and semantics, were charged by the editors to take more than usual heed of alternative analyses offered by other theories, thereby promoting cross fertilization of syntactic and semantic ideas, concepts, and argumentation. The project as a whole is grounded in the belief that explicit comparison of seemingly incompatible approaches is essential to improve our understanding of the nature and structure of natural language.

The Representation of (In)definiteness is fourteenth in the series Current Studies in Linguistics, edited by Samuel Jay Keyser.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262181266 320 pp. | 6 in x 9 in


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262680592 320 pp. | 6 in x 9 in


Eric Reuland

Eric Reuland is Faculty Professor of Language and Cognition at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (OTS).

Alice G.B. ter Meulen

Alice ter Meulen is a Professors of Linguistics at the University of Washington.