By Pierre Buser and Michel Imbert

Translated by R. H. Kay

A Bradford Book




In this textbook on the physiology of vision, Buser and Imbert synthesize the data in the field, proceeding from the biophysics of retinal receptors to processing in the visual areas of the cortex. Although the focus is on mammalian studies, some data from comparative physiology are included. In just five chapters the authors cover the structure and organization of the retina, the physical characteristics of visual stimuli, the psychophysical laws of visual sensation (absolute thresholds, retinal adaptation, visual acuity, temporal resolution, movement perception, color vision, and stereopsis), the genesis and elaboration of signals in the retina, and mechanisms in the central visual pathways.

Like Buser and Imbert's companion sensory neurophysiology text Audition, Vision has been translated and updated from the original French in a style that is straightforward and concise. It includes 248 carefully chosen and fully captioned illustrations that will make it accessible to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in the basic and clinical neurosciences, to students in courses on perception and psychophysics in psychology departments, as well as to researchers in computer vision who are interested in biological vision..


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262023368 573 pp. | 6.1 in x 9.2 in


R. H. Kay.