The Woman In Question

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The Woman In Question


Edited by Parveen Adams and Elizabeth Cowie





The Woman In Question collects some of the most memorable and important essays and editorials from m/f, the British journal that staked out new directions for feminist theory and politics from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. New introductory essays and a postscript written for this collection directly assess the relation of m/f to feminism's current concerns.


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Parveen Adams

Parveen Adams teaches in the Human Sciences Department of Brunei University, England.

Elizabeth Cowie

Elizabeth Cowie teaches film studies at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Both were cofounders and editors of m/f as well as contributors to the journal.


  • The contribution of m/f to feminism was, and continues to be, of immense significance. The only feminist journal in England consistently devoted to the development of theory, it created - in the face of many orthodoxies - the space for an important new form of work. At the vital interface of social theory, representation and psychoanalysis, m/f provoked intense debate among feminists, raising issues which still act as a crucial point of reference for much feminist thinking to this day.

    Jacqueline Rose