Aharon Katchalsky

  • Dynamic Patterns Of Brain Cell Assemblies

    Dynamic Patterns Of Brain Cell Assemblies

    Aharon Katchalsky, Vernon Rowland, and Robert Blumenthal

    "In recent years Aharon Katchalsky became deeply interested in the theory of dynamic patterns, dissipative structures, and other nonequilibrium phenomena because of their significance for theoretical chemistry and for life science, particularly developments biology and neurobiology. At successive meetings of Associates of the Neurosciences Research Program since 1962, he reported recent advances in the field and eloquently testified to his conviction that this area of biophysical chemistry may prove crucial for an understanding of molecular self-organization and development as well as brain function, which he conceived in a glodal, holistic frame of reference without primary consideration of brain architectonics and built-in neuronal circuitry mediating sensorimotor and other effects of processes."—from the Forward by F. O. SchmittThis monograph grew from a Neurosciences Research Program work session inspired by Professor Katchalsky and involving a number of other participants. Essentially, the book explores the concept of dynamic patterns in the physical sciences, in chemistry, and in biological systems; and it presents problems in continuous and discontinuous systems and in mixed systems.The work session was conceived as the first of a possible series that would discuss a variety of experimental phenomena and theories, in the hope of producing a new hybrid between chemistry and neuroscience.

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