Arthur J. Dyck

  • Ethics in Medicine

    Ethics in Medicine

    Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Concerns

    Stanley Joel Reiser, Arthur J. Dyck, and William J. Curran

    This book is a comprehensive and unique text and reference in medical ethics. By far the most inclusive set of primary documents and articles in the field ever published. It contains over 100 selections. Virtually all pieces appear in their entirety. and a significant number would be difficult to obtain elsewhere. The volume draws upon the literature of history. medicine. philosophical and religious ethics. economics. and sociology. A wide range of topics and issues are covered, such as law and medicine, truth-telling by the physician, research, population policy, genetics, abortion, dying, and individual rights in medical care. The selections span the centuries, beginning with material from the works of Hippocrates, continuing through Thomas Percival, John Stuart Mill, and Claude Bernard, down to modern commentators like Henry K. Beecher, Walsh McDermott, David L. Bazelon, Paul Freund, H. L. A. Hart, John Rawls, Paul Ramsey, Richard McCormick, Rashi Fein, and Bernard Barber.Cases that illustrate moral dilemmas are provided for discussion purposes. Each section is preceded by a succinct editor's introduction. The documents and essays are of practical value for practitioners and students in medicine, law, ethics, and counselling, and for individual patients and groups concerned with medical care. Through encompassing divergent viewpoints, the essays and primary documents were selected to encourage humane practices and deepen understanding of the multiple traditions that shaped and do shape the development of medicine.

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