Bruce H. Herrick

  • Urban Migration and Economic Development in Chile

    Bruce H. Herrick

    A study of the effect of internal migration on Chile's economic development.

    The years between 1940 and 1960 in Chile were marked by economic stagnation. Urban migration, reflecting theis economic decay, as well as demographic conditions, are the subject of this study. The work attempts to coordinate the record of Chile's economic development with an account of its concomitant internal migration. In particular, shifts in urban population and changes in the structure of the labor force are explored in an attempt to understand migration's role.

    The study deals explicitly with the economic implications of internal migration. Such an orientation is unique in the English language literature on this subject in Latin America. It is also the first work of its kind to consider internal migration within a lass developed country whose income has risen above the lowest levels. Higher incomes in Chile change many of the preconceptions about the economic impact of migration, both for the migrant and for society. The book deals extensively with these differences.

    Volume No. 6 in the M.I.T. Economics Monograph Series.

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