David Oborne

David Oborne teaches in the Department of Psychology, University College of Swansea.

  • Information Technology and People

    Information Technology and People

    Designing for the Future

    Frank Blackler and David Oborne

    Today's rapid growth in information technology has occurred without a full understanding of the human consequences of its use—on individuals, on organizations, and on society as a whole. As a result, initial expectations have frequently not been met, and a backlash has developed. Clearly a more realistic approach to information technology is needed, and applied psychology can offer great help in this effort. This book takes a problem-centered approach to questions of usability, applicability, and acceptability, giving an overview of current research on information technology at work, at home, in education, and in medicine, and where possible, making recommendations for the future. Chapters cover psychology and information technology; management, workers, and the new technologies; factory automation; ergonomics and the new technologies; office systems; expert systems in the health field; health care; the disabled; computers in education; attitudes toward the new technologies; information technology and home-based services; and information technology in the home. Distributed for The British Psychological Society.

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