Dean Karnopp

  • Analysis and Simulation of Multiport Systems

    The Bond Graph Approach to Physical System Dynamics

    Dean Karnopp and Roland C. Rosenberg

    The dynamic of many sophisticated devices, processes, and systems may be understood only by integrating several fields of engineering that traditionally have been treated separately. This study presents a language and operating philosophy suitable to the analysis, simulation, and design of such systems.

    The book is concerned exclusively with concepts and techniques arising in connection with the bond graph as a means of systemizing the process of system analysis. The chapters on digital simulation are entirely new, and many techniques are presented for working with bond graph formulations in an analytical manner. The methods have been developed by researchers—including the authors—interested in system dynamics over several years and are only partly available in the open literature.

    The book assumes that the reader is familiar with standard system modeling techniques and shows how bond graph methods lend unity and clarity to system studies. By its very nature, the approach virtually forces the analyst tot ake into account questions of computing causality, self-consistency of the formulation, assumed boundary conditions and the like; this often leads to more accurate system components. In particular, the ENPORT program for system simulation demonstrates that a consistent formulation of problems is of prime importance in modern times since the finding of system response is not necessarily the time-consuming chore it once was.

    Although the book is aimed directly at practicing engineers, many in the academic world will also be interested. While many system dynamics books have little in the way of new approaches in them, the present volume will provide a new and unified approach for courses in system dynamics, which could integrate standard material as well as provide a rationale for simulation procedures. Recent courses and seminars confirm the author's belief in the utility of the techniques which the authors and others have been using and developing over a period of many years.

    ContentsIntroduction • Engineering Multiports • A Set of Basic Multiports • Bond Graphs for Interconnected Systems • Analysis of Multiport Systems • Bond Graphs and Block Diagrams, Flow Graphs and Impedance Methods • Computer Simulation Technique • Index

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