Eugene S. Ferguson

Eugene Ferguson is Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Delaware.

  • Engineering and the Mind's Eye

    Engineering and the Mind's Eye

    Eugene S. Ferguson

    In this insightful and incisive essay, Eugene Ferguson demonstrates that good engineering is as much a matter of intuition and nonverbal thinking as of equations and computation. He argues that a system of engineering education that ignores nonverbal thinking will produce engineers who are dangerously ignorant of the many ways in which the real world differs from the mathematical models constructed in academic minds.

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  • Bibliography of the History of Technology

    Eugene S. Ferguson

    Due largely to the scope and depth, and also the relative youth, of the history of technology as a discipline, the student attempting to grapple with and grasp its complexities is faced with a discouraging dearth of guides and bibliographies that are concerned directly with the field. To relieve some of this strain, Eugene S. Ferguson, in compiling the Bibliography of the History of Technology, has gathered into a single reference tool the resources of the scholar, categorizing the types of sources available while at the same time listing several hundred monographs and articles that are contained within the various categories. The chief aim is to help the reader recognize and understand and understand the many diverse primary and secondary sources that can be useful to the historian of technology.

    Stressing those works that are already contain bibliographies, and thereby extending the range of information covered, this volume contains parts on histories and bibliographies of the history of technology of all periods; library lists, directories, encyclopedias, handbooks, and government documents; locations and brief descriptions are noted for primary source works, manuscripts, and museum objects. A strong part on periodical and serial publications includes indexes and finding aids. A part called “Technology and Culture” contains many titles dealing with the social effects of technology. Plans call for a list of corrections and addenda to appear in Technology and Culture some two years following the publication of the book.

    A personal, readable, and thorough book, the Bibliography of the History of Technology presents annotated entries giving both the strong points and short-comings of the works listed. Mr. Ferguson's extensive work can well be expected to emerge as the major source book on its subject for many years to come.

    Volume 5, S.H.O.T. Monograph Series, published in cooperation with the Society for the History of Technology.

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