George Wolf

  • Recent Research on Carnitine

    Its Relation to Lipid Metabolism

    George Wolf

    In July 1964, a group of distinguished scientists gathered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a symposium on carnitine in biochemical and physiological systems. The papers delivered at the symposium comprise this volume.

    Carnitine is a quaternary base related to choline, It occurs in the tissues, particularly in the muscles of animals, in plants, and in bacteria. Its function is incompletely understood, although its involvement in fatty acid metabolism has been demonstrated.

    The symposium considered recent work on the synthesis, analysis, distribution, biosynthesis, and metabolism of carnitine, lipid-bound carnitine, its role in fatty acid metabolism, and the physiological effects of carnitine.

    Specialists in nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, and particularly lipid biochemistry will be most interested in this volume. Those in diabetes research, environmental medicine, neurology, and public health will also find the book of use.

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