Katja Novitskova

  • Katja Novitskova

    Katja Novitskova

    If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes

    Kati Ilves and Katja Novitskova

    Today almost all aspects of human—and increasingly nonhuman—lives are being modeled by software. Transcending the limits of our planet, data collection has become a fundamental tool with which to map the earth and beyond. Katja Novitskova's catalogue If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes, published for the Estonian Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, addresses emerging potentialities between visual culture, big-data-driven processes, and ecology. Rather than commenting on the observable moment, Novitskova transforms these visual manifestations of data into immersive environments that serve as glimpses of a world yet to come.

    Copublished with the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia

    Texts by Kati Ilves, Nora Khan, Jaak Tomberg, Toke Lykkeberg, Venus Lau

    • Paperback $29.00