Keith Tilford

Keith Tilford is an artist and theorist living in Brooklyn, New York, whose current art and research projects focus on the intersection of comics and artistic modernism in relation to diagrammatics, worldbuilding, abstraction, and technics.

  • Chronosis


    Reza Negarestani, Keith Tilford, and Robin Mackay

    A unique fusion of comics culture and philosophical cogitation takes readers on a ride through time, space, and thought.

    Approaching the comic medium as a supercollider for achieving maximum abstraction, in Chronosis artist Keith Tilford and philosopher Reza Negarestani (author of Cyclonopedia and Intelligence and Spirit) create a graphically stunning and conceptually explosive universe in which the worlds of pop culture, modern art, philosophy, science fiction, and theoretical physics crash into one another.

    Stalking the multiverse, a strange entity manifests itself in different guises, visiting trauma upon whoever it manifests to—whether Jeremy Charles, earthbound hawker of paranoid cosmic visions, or the interplanetary order of the Lazars, intent on extending their galactic empire to planet Earth. This is the figure of Time itself, with whose birth the story of Chronosis begins.

    Dwelling nowhere and nowhen, the monk-like order of the Monazzeins are the only ones in the multiverse to have mastered Time. Chronosis narrates the story of a sprawling multiverse at the center of which their esoteric time-cult attempts to build bridges between the many fragmented tribes and histories of multiple possible worlds.

    A unique fusion of comics culture and philosophical cogitation, this conceptually and visually mind-expanding tale takes the reader on a dizzying rollercoaster ride through time, space, and thought.

    This volume contains the entire Chronosis story in full color, along with additional background materials including early sketches, script notes, and alternative covers.

    • Paperback $19.95


  • Wonderflux


    A Decade of e-flux Journal

    e-flux journal

    Illustrated essays that consider emergent consistencies and overarching issues that defined the first decade of e-flux journal.

    Wonderflux brings together a group of longtime contributors and graphic artists to collaborate on illustrated essays that develop a new pictorial language around some of the emergent consistencies and overarching issues that defined the first decade of e-flux journal. These pieces ask: what is a mirror for? How does time come to be? They introduce us to faceless people; shapeshifting, omnipresent eyes; workers and robots; and twentieth-century American food riots. They ask us to consider the relation between the mind and the speed of events. They demand we resist hope, refuse prophecy, and hasten the mortality of value.


    Liam Gillick, Reza Negarastani & Keith Tilford, Keller Easterling & Meijia Xu, Hu Fang & Mojo Wang, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Elizabeth A. Povinelli & Clara Bessijelle Johansson, Raqs Media Collective & Freddy Carrasco, Martha Rosler & Josh Neufeld

    • Paperback $24.00
  • Collapse, Volume 1

    Numerical Materialism

    Robin Mackay

    An investigation of the nature and philosophical uses of number.

    The first volume of Collapse investigates the nature and philosophical uses of number. The volume includes an interview with Alain Badiou on the relation between philosophy, mathematics, and science, an in-depth interview with mathematician Matthew Watkins on the strange connections between physics and the distribution of prime numbers, and contributions that demonstrate the many ways in which number intersects with philosophical thought—from the mathematics of intensity to terrorism, from occultism to information theory, and graphical works of multiplicity.

    • Paperback $20.00