Norman Levinson

  • Selected Papers of Norbert Wiener

    Norbert Wiener, Y. M. Lee, Norman Levinson, and W. T. Martin

    This volume, published jointly by the M.I.T. Press and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), was originally intended as a celebration volume marking the occasion of Norbert Wiener's seventieth birthday, November 26, 1964. The plans for such a book were formulated long before Professor Wiener's untimely death in Stockholm, March 1964. It had been decided that a collection of Norbert Wiener's own work, rather than a series of invited papers, would be of greater service to the scientific community, as well as a more fitting tribute to Professor Wiener.

    Selected Papers of Norbert Wiener brings together for the first time his important mathematical and technical writings previously available only in journal form. Two of the works—Generalized Harmonic Analysis and Tauberian Theorems—are virtually book length. Both are classics.

    Mathematics, information theorists, and engineers will find this volume of great value.

    During the last year of his life Professor Wiener was associated with Dr. J. P. Schadé, Associate Director of the Netherlands Central Institute for Brain Research at Amsterdam. They cooperated on a number of neurocybernetic problems. From their work, two other memorial volumes will be published by the Central Institute for Brain Research under the titles: Cybernetics of the Nervous System (Progress in Brain Research, Volume 17) Progress in Biocybernetics, Volume 2.

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