Piroska Ostlin

Piroska Östlin is a Senior Researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and a Research Associate at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.

  • Engendering International Health

    Engendering International Health

    The Challenge of Equity

    Gita Sen, Piroska Ostlin, and Asha George

    Engendering International Health presents the work of leading researchers on gender equity in international health. Growing economic inequalities reinforce social injustices, stall health gains, and deny good health to many. In particular, deep-seated gender biases in health research and policy institutions combine with a lack of well-articulated and accessible evidence to downgrade the importance of gender perspectives in health. The book's central premise is that unless public health changes direction, it cannot effectively address the needs of those who are most marginalized, many of whom are women.

    The book offers evidence and analysis for both low- and high-income countries, providing a gender and health analysis cross-cut by a concern for other markers of social inequity, such as class and race. It details approaches and agendas that incorporate, but go beyond, commonly acknowledged issues relating to women's health; and it brings gender and equity analysis into the heart of the debates that dominate international health policy.

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