René Zechlin

  • Friedrich Kunath

    Friedrich Kunath

    Home wasn't built in a day

    René Zechlin and Kunstverein Hannover

    In his drawings, texts, objects, photographs, and videos, German artist Friedrich Kunath deals with such themes as longing, melancholy, loneliness, wanderlust, and wistfulness from a subjective viewpoint that finds expression in titles like Homesick, I am a stranger here or I may not always love you. He combines personal life experiences with literary, musical, or art historical references into visual, ironic commentaries in various media. The installative total context of his exhibitions forms narrative contexts between the individual pieces that lead to the viewer to a fantastic world of associations. Kunath regularly references ideas of the Romantic period. And so he betakes himself to the shore and glances off into the distant horizon in an approximation of Caspar David Friedrich complete with his own bed. By employing re-combinations, size differences, omissions, remodelings, overpaintings, and reflections, he creates pictures that are as melancholic as they are hopeful, as absurd as they are humorous.Friedrich Kunath makes use of the grotesque and exaggerations in his works without clinging to superficial humor. The images and scenes portrayed as sculptures, paintings, or detailed drawings and caricatures are not harmless jokes, but rather ambiguous metaphors for the present. He encounters the question regarding self-positioning in the framework of various cultural influences with knowing irony. His pieces undercut ingrained pictorial traditions and conventions and link seemingly incompatible approaches such as humor and melancholy, narration and abstraction or fiction and reality.

    This catalogue is published on the occasion of Kunath's solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Hannover, November 28, 2009–January 24, 2010.

    ContributorsDouglas Fogle, Matthew Thompson, René Zechlin

    • Paperback $29.95
  • Simon Dybbroe Møller

    Simon Dybbroe Møller


    Katja Schroeder and René Zechlin

    Simon Dybbroe Møller's reflection on Conceptual art's systematic processes and forms uses apparently rational processes to achieve quietly mystifying results. With his vivid taste for wit and formal exactitude, the artist sets all manner of references, quotations and re-creations in an unfamiliar setting.

    Kompendium is an artist book accompanying the Danish artist's first comprehensive solo exhibition at the Frankfurter Kunstverein and the Kunstverein Hannover. The first part contains texts by nine different authors which illuminate the main ideas of individual groups of work. Each contribution is reproduced as a facsimile from a previous book. The second part documents most of the artist's works up to now.

    ContributorsFerdinand Ahm Krag, Matthew Brannon, Sam Frank, Christian Höller, Peter Laugesen, Thomas Meinecke, Brian O'Connell, Katja Schroeder, Lumi Tan, René Zechlin

    • Paperback $32.00