Robert Underhill

Robert Underhill is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages at San Diego State University.

  • Turkish Grammar

    Turkish Grammar

    Robert Underhill

    As the Mideast becomes more and more important in contemporary geopolitics, the study of that region's languages enjoys increasing popularity. Unfortunately, many language texts in this area are based on outdated usage and offer little information on how the language in question is actually spoken. Robert Underhill's Turkish Grammar closes this gap with a text that gives full coverage of syntax and usage as well as of traditional grammar and gives the student a thorough grounding in a truly useful vocabulary.

    Designed as a basic teaching grammar of Turkish for speakers, Turkish Grammar is suitable for classroom or individual use at the undergraduate or graduate level. Its extensive coverage of grammar and syntax makes it suitable also for use as a reference grammar. It incorporates not only systematized lessons and information about pronunciation, vocabulary, and syntax but also guidance in the area of usage and chapter-by-chapter exercises. Linguists will recognize that the author has used the framework of generative grammar in the organization and presentation of material; the text, however, avoids linguistic jargon and technical discussions so that students untrained in formal linguistics can use the book as easily as those who have had such training.

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