Roger Van Voorhees

  • The Atlantis Search Engine

    The Atlantis Search Engine

    Poetic Series #1

    Fiona Bryson, Keren Cytter, and Roger Van Voorhees

    The Atlantis Search Engine, the first edition in the Poetic Series, features a selection of poetry and prose by Matthew Dickman, Roman Baembaev, Josef Strau, and drawings produced specifically by John Kelsey based on the film The Canyons.

    The Poetic Series brings together works of poetry and literature in combination with visual art, introducing young as well as established writers concerned with challenging the boundaries of traditional forms of narrative.

    Initiated by Keren Cytter and coedited by Fiona Bryson and Roger van Voorhees, the quarterly publication focuses on three experimental writers or poets per issue—image content is supplied by one artist.

    Copublished with A.P.E (Art Projects Era)

    ContributorsMatthew Dickman, Roman Baembaev, Josef Strau; drawings by John Kelsey

    • Paperback $18.00