Rosemary Heather

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Kevin Schmidt

    EDM House

    Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen

    Kevin Schmidt's installation and film EDM House (2013) transforms an abandoned homestead in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, into a meeting place of the urban and rural. His incongruous superimposition of the sounds of EDM (electronic dance music) and colored Christmas lights onto this remote location, where he also lived for four months, critiques our pioneering expeditions into the natural world. His disorienting camera work recalls Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo, and imbues the scenery with a sense of displacement, at once chilling and exhilarating.

    This fourth publication in the series with Fogo Island Arts includes stunning color photographs of the installation plus reflections on Schmidt's practice from leading writers. Jeff Derksen (Associate Professor of English, Simon Fraser University) traces the evolution of Schmidt's house from homestead to nostalgic getaway cabin. Novelist Michael Turner's fictional narrative follows an aspiring filmmaker whose discovery of the house is informed by a rich field of cinematic and literary references. Finally, a conversation between Jack Stanley and Schmidt provides insight into the artist's practice.

    Copublished with Fogo Island Arts on the occasion of the exhibition “Kevin Schmidt—EDM House,” Fogo Island Cinema, October 1–December 31, 2014.

    ContributorsJeff Derksen, Kevin Schmidt, Jack Stanley, Michael Turner

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  • Zin Taylor

    Zin Taylor

    Lichen Voices/Stripes and Dots

    Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen

    Writing is central to Zin Taylor's practice. Parallel to a number of artist books, Taylor has made a series of sculptural works the artist proposes as a form of storytelling. How else to understand his project The Story of Stripes and Dots but to “read” the eponymous objects he makes to propel it forward? Taylor conceives of his sculptural components—stripes and dots in many variations—as words in a sentence, the articulation of which can be ongoing. By substituting objects for words, Taylor seeks not to assert equivalence between the two so much as establish the essentially spatialized perception he has of the way language functions. A striking clarity defines the artist's vision. Taylor sees in language—in art—the highly defined dimensions of a world he can work within.

    This catalogue accompanies Taylor's exhibition “The Story of Stripes and Dots (Chapter 5)” at Fogo Island Gallery (September 27, 2013–March 23, 2014), which follows his two-part residency with Fogo Island Arts in 2010 and 2012. Featuring essays by Zoë Gray and Saelan Twerdy, and Taylor in conversation with Patrick Staff and Robin Simpson, the book also presents the artist's portfolio An Index Describing the Individual 19 Thoughts about Stripes and Dots Arranged on a Vitrine Made of Brass and Glass.

    Copublished with Fogo Island Arts

    ContributorsZoë Gray, Robin Simpson, Patrick Staff, Saelan Twerdy

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  • Silke Otto-Knapp

    Silke Otto-Knapp

    Questions of Travel

    Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen

    This book is published on occasion of the parallel exhibitions Silke Otto-Knapp presented in two markedly different locations: on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Vienna. The contrasting influences of place—between rural and urban, new and old world—is evident in the selection of works presented and compiled in this catalogue. The partnering of these exhibitions clearly brings into focus questions about art and its contexts. The tensions between nature and culture provide an appropriate figure for the artwork: a context imagined and devised for the circumstances of its own activation.

    Questions of Travel includes essays by Susan Morgan and Vanessa Joan Müller and a conversation between Otto-Knapp and Nicolaus Schafhausen. Müller reflects on how the tensions Otto-Knapp's artwork engenders are the substance of its experience, while Morgan approaches the work via three significant influences: the cultural geographer J. B. Jackson; avant-garde dancer Anna Halprin and her husband, the landscape architect Lawrence Halprin; and the poems of Elizabeth Bishop. In the conversation with Schafhausen, Otto-Knapp likens the art exhibition to “a theatre situation that is both distinctly separate from reality and engaged with it at the same time.” As the activating element of an exhibition, the viewer could also be said to embody the reality of a work's engagement. Otto-Knapp took the title for this project, “Questions of Travel,” from Bishop's poem of the same name, which has been reprinted for this catalogue.

    Published on the occasion of Otto-Knapp's exhibitions “Questions of Travel (Wien),” Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, March 12–May 25, 2014, and “Questions of Travel (Fogo Island),” Fogo Island Gallery, April 16–August 31, 2014.

    Copublished with Fogo Islands Arts and Kunsthalle Wien

    ContributorsElizabeth Bishop, Susan Morgan, Vanessa Joan Müller, Nicolaus Schafhausen

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  • Kate Newby

    Kate Newby

    Let the Other Thing In

    Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen

    In Kate Newby's site-responsive installations, handcrafted and found objects are often combined with words or phrases to form artworks that engage with the particularities of place. The New Zealand artist's intimate engagement with materials and nonhierarchical involvement with space exhibit a sophisticated understanding of the role that architecture plays in the shaping of thought and perception, our sense of self in the body and in community. Copublished with Fogo Island Arts, this catalogue accompanies Newby's exhibition at the Fogo Island Gallery on Fogo Island, off the northeastern coast of Newfoundland in Canada. The publication features an interview with Newby by Mami Kataoka, an essay by Jennifer Kabat, and a conversation between Newby, geologist Paul Dean, and strategist Daniel Wong, as well as the artist's "Skim Stone Pictures," a photo series of people skimming her ceramic stones into various bodies of water.

    ContributorsPaul Dean, Jennifer Kabat, Mami Kataoka, Kate Newby, Daniel Wong

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