Sara Oldfield

Sara Oldfield, based in Kew, London, is Secretary General of Botanic Gardens Conservation International. She is the author of Rainforest (2003) and Deserts: The Living Drylands (2004), both published by the MIT Press.

  • Botanic Gardens

    Botanic Gardens

    Modern-Day Arks

    Sara Oldfield

    A lavishly illustrated look at botanic gardens and the work that goes on behind the scenes to save our botanical heritage.

    All life depends on plants, but we often take them for granted in our everyday lives. It is easy to ignore the fact that we are facing a crisis: scientists estimate that one third of all flowering plant species are threatened with extinction. This lavishly illustrated volume considers the essential conservation role of botanic gardens, telling the story of how a global network is working to save our botanical heritage. Chapters feature gardens from countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Uganda, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, and China. Comments and photographs from the gardeners involved give the book a personal touch, revealing the human side of the important work that goes on behind the scenes of these spectacular gardens. Author Sara Oldfield shows us how botanic gardens are truly “modern-day arks,” safeguarding species and saving resources on which we may someday depend.

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  • Rainforest


    Sara Oldfield

    An exploration of the diverse wildlife of the world's major rainforests, illustrated with 200 color photographs.

    More than half of the world's living species—from the hidden forests and exotic mammals of Madagascar to the multicolored birds and butterflies of Central America—are found almost exclusively within the rainforest canopy. Illustrated with 200 spectacular color photographs, Rainforest celebrates the diversity and beauty of the life in the world's rainforests. Each chapter covers a major rainforest region: Africa, Madagascar, India and Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, Central America, the Caribbean, the Amazon (which has more plant and animal species than anywhere else on Earth), and Brazil, as well as the temperate rainforests in areas such as Tasmania and North America. The book details habitat, plants and animals, and threats to the precarious balance between humans and rainforests. The introduction provides an overview of the world's rainforests and a summary of current conservation issues. Reference material includes a color world map showing the major rainforests, suggested further reading, and useful addresses.

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