Tobias Delbrück

Tobias Delbrück is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Neuroinformatics, Zurich.

  • Analog VLSI

    Analog VLSI

    Circuits and Principles

    Shih-Chii Liu, Jörg Kramer, Giacomo Indiveri, Tobias Delbrück, and Rodney Douglas

    An introduction to the design of analog VLSI circuits.

    Neuromorphic engineers work to improve the performance of artificial systems through the development of chips and systems that process information collectively using primarily analog circuits. This book presents the central concepts required for the creative and successful design of analog VLSI circuits. The discussion is weighted toward novel circuits that emulate natural signal processing. Unlike most circuits in commercial or industrial applications, these circuits operate mainly in the subthreshold or weak inversion region. Moreover, their functionality is not limited to linear operations, but also encompasses many interesting nonlinear operations similar to those occurring in natural systems. Topics include device physics, linear and nonlinear circuit forms, translinear circuits, photodetectors, floating-gate devices, noise analysis, and process technology.

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