Tyler Burge

Tyler Burge is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • The Collected Works of Alonzo Church

    The Collected Works of Alonzo Church

    Tyler Burge and Herbert Enderton

    Writings, including articles, letters, and unpublished work, by one of the twentieth century's most influential figures in mathematical logic and philosophy.

    Alonzo Church's long and distinguished career in mathematics and philosophy can be traced through his influential and wide-ranging writings. Church published his first article as an undergraduate at Princeton in 1924 and his last shortly before his death in 1995. This volume collects all of his published articles, many of his reviews, his monograph The Calculi of Lambda-Conversion, the introduction to his important and authoritative textbook Introduction to Mathematical Logic, a substantial amount of previously unpublished work (including chapters for the unfinished second volume of Introduction to Mathematical Logic), and a selection of letters to such correspondents as Rudolf Carnap and W. V. O. Quine. With the exception of the reviews, letters, and unpublished work, these appear in chronological order, for the most part in the format in which they were originally published.

    Church's work in calculability, especially the monograph on the lambda-calculus, helped lay the foundation for theoretical computer science; it attracted the interest of Alan Turing, who later completed his PhD under Church's supervision. (Church coined the term “Turing machine” in a review.) Church's influential textbook, still in print, defined the field of mathematical logic for a generation of logicians. In addition, his close connection with the Association for Symbolic Logic and his many years as review editor for the Journal of Symbolic Logic are documented in the reviews included here.

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  • Blockheads!


    Essays on Ned Block's Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness

    Adam Pautz and Daniel Stoljar

    New essays on the philosophy of Ned Block, with substantive and wide-ranging responses by Block.

    Perhaps more than any other philosopher of mind, Ned Block synthesizes philosophical and scientific approaches to the mind; he is unique in moving back and forth across this divide, doing so with creativity and intensity. Over the course of his career, Block has made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of intelligence, representation, and consciousness. Blockheads! (the title refers to Block's imaginary counterexample to the Turing test—and to the Block-enthusiast contributors) offers eighteen new essays on Block's work along with substantive and wide-ranging replies by Block. The essays and responses not only address Block's past contributions but are rich with new ideas and argument. They importantly clarify many key elements of Block's work, including his pessimism concerning such thought experiments as Commander Data and the Nation of China; his more general pessimism about intuitions and introspection in the philosophy of mind; the empirical case for an antifunctionalist, biological theory of phenomenal consciousness; the fading qualia problem for a biological theory; the link between phenomenal consciousness and representation (especially spatial representation); and the reducibility of phenomenal representation. Many of the contributors to Blockheads! are prominent philosophers themselves, including Tyler Burge, David Chalmers, Frank Jackson, and Hilary Putnam.

    ContributorsNed Block, Bill Brewer, Richard Brown, Tyler Burge, Marisa Carrasco, David Chalmers, Frank Jackson, Hakwan Lau, Geoffrey Lee, Janet Levin, Joseph Levine, William G. Lycan, Brian P. McLaughlin, Adam Pautz, Hilary Putnam, Sydney Shoemaker, Susanna Siegel, Nicholas Silins, Daniel Stoljar, Michael Tye, Sebastian Watzl

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