Wiktor Marek

Wiktor Marek is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky.

  • Logic Programming and Non-Monotonic Reasoning

    Proceedings of the First International Workshop

    Wiktor Marek, Anil Nerode, and V. S. Subrahmanian

    The First International Workshop brings together researchers from the theoretical ends of the logic programming and artificial intelligence communities to discuss their mutual interests. Logic programming deals with the use of models of mathematical logic as a way of programming computers, where theoretical AI deals with abstract issues in modeling and representing human knowledge and beliefs. One common ground is nonmonotonic reasoning, a family of logics that includes room for the kinds of variations that can be found in human reasoning.

    TopicsStable Semantics • Default Logic • AutoEpistemic Logic • Truth Maintenance Systems • Implementation Issues • Diagnosis • Applications • Inheritance Reasoning • Logics of Belief • Inconsistency and Non-Monotonicity

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